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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  April 26, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't erealize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having the idea, and that's where the discovery comes from. the state department tells american citizens, get out of syria, as a brutal and bloody government crackdown escalates there. violent tornadoes leave at least seven dead in arkansas, part of a major weather system that's also caused widespread flooding across the midwest. and there's more rain in the forecast. plus, bracing for the next budget fight. speaker john boehner lashes out
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at the president's handling of the debt. >> come on! it's time to grow up and get serious about the problems that face our country. >> good morning, everyone, it's tuesday, april 26th, 2011, i'm savannah guthrie. chuck todd has the day off. also this morning, haley barbour is out, ron paul is in. why some are surprised in the latest developments for the republican field of 2012. and is has that landmark and controversial supreme court decision roe vs. wade become a dead letter? let's get to the rundown. we begin with the rising floodwaters in the ohio and mississippi river valleys. relentless storms have pushed both rivers well above flood stage, putting levees at the breaking point and forcing hundreds to seek higher ground. this is the same storm system that triggered deadly tornadoes in arkansas, at least seven people are dead there. but today, the fear is more rain in a region that has already seen too much. the weather channel's julie martin is in poplar bluff, missouri this morning, where a
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levee has threatened south of town. julie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. it is a developing and dangerous situation here in poplar bluff. the water as you're looking at here are due to flash flooding. we had heavy rains come through. many streets such as this are closed off. you can see in the background, cars actually stranded in water. but to my right, about a block, is the black river. and that is the site of that levee that is extremely compromised at this hour. in fact, i was just speaking with the local police chief here, and he tells me that that levee is breached in at least 30 spots. he says he can't believe it's still holding that water back. if that levee goes, and they do expect it will, thousands of homes could then be inundated with water. so what they have been doing here is evacuating residents over the last couple of days. they have been doing high water rescues. the national guard is on the scene, as well. more rain, however, expected today, and tomorrow. in this region. another region hit extremely
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hard overnight by the severe weather, balonia, arkansas, the site of at least two fatalities. seven died in arkansas, the result of flooding and a tornado that came through that small town north of st. louis -- or rather little rock, north of little rock. so, again, we have a major system that is just not done yet. we still have a very unstable atmosphere, savannah, so it's going to be another day or two of what we could see, more of the same. back to you. >> all right, julie martin from the weather channel in poplar bluff, missouri. thank you, julie. we'll head oversees now, the u.s. urging all americans to get out of syria, after president assad escalated his crackdown on the anti-government uprising there, ordering thousands of soldiers to hunt down protesters in their homes. richard engel is nbc's chief foreign correspondent. he's on duty in benghazi, libya. richard, let's start in syria and the latest there. how serious is this getting? >> reporter: good morning from
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benghazi where a sandstorm has rolled in. that's actually the mediterranean sea behind me, but you can barely see it right now, with all of the sand in the air. it is a very serious situation in syria. the state department urging americans to not only leave syria, and while commercial transport is still available, but to defer all future plans to go to syria. the state department is particularly concerned, because the syrian regime is blaming a lot of the unrest on foreigners. it's blaming them on outsiders, on instigators, and that's a pattern we have seen in egypt, it's a pattern we have seen in a lot of these unrests. and when the egyptian authorities started to blame what was going on on foreigners, we saw foreigners being attacked, journalists being chased down. so clearly, similar concerns that the syrian government is taking a similar line. the situation on the ground is unpredictable. it is very difficult to find out exactly what is going on, because the syrian government has sealed off a lot of the troubled areas, particularly
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around dara. dara is a city of about 75,000 in the south of syria, and yesterday tanks and several thousand syrian troops moved in to crush the opposition in the city. the most opposition for the last five weeks in syria. and according to human rights groups and some images that have been snuck out of the country, there have been at least two dozen people killed since the troops went in, and -- and many more arrests. >> and quickly, richard, let's get the latest headlines out of libya. you're in benghazi this morning, and as we understand it, nato has escalated attacks in tripoli on the gadhafi compound. what's the strategy there? >> reporter: what exactly was the purpose or what the purpose of that attack on gadhafi's compound yesterday remains in dispute. the libyan government says this was an attack on gadhafi, it was an assassination attempt, according to libyan government
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officials. that the compound buildings that were attacked specifically, including moammar gadhafi's personal office, a library and reception hall had no military value. nato officials tell nbc news and u.s. officials tell nbc news this was an attack on a command and control site, and that gadhafi himself was not the specific target. but that if he were at the -- if he had been in his own compound -- an attack. which almost sounds like if gadhafi were home in his own main palace downtown, then he is a legitimate target. so how you say that is not in broad terms an assassination attempt is a very fine line at the very least. >> yeah, i was going to say, a thin line indeed. richard engel, thank you for your reporting. and we've got one other note out of the region, some worrisome poll numbers out of egypt. a majority of egyptians say they would like to see the end of the peace treaty with israel.
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that deal signed in 1979 was supported by president mubarak until he was forced from power in february. but a new poll there finds 54% would like to see the treaty scrapped. just 36% said they wanted to see it stay in place. turning now to 2012 politics, where the republican race continues to surprise. mississippi governor haley barbour is out, ron paul is in. and more than a dozen potential candidates remain in the mix. we're joined now by nbc news deputy political director mark murray. and i guess the news of haley barbour not running made people surprised. >> it was a surprise, because he hired key staff members, visited early states and even shed some pounds, getting in preparation for a presidential bid. but when you look at haley barbour's decision, he mentioned that he said he didn't have the fire in his belly to run. and that was actually something he admitted to me back in december, where he said a presidential bid is actually a ten-year affair. running for president for two
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years, serving for president four years, one term, and serving another four years in a second term. at age 63, he said the one thing i have to wonder is, do i do that over the next ten years of my life? and that was something he was certainly thinking about. >> and when you look at those terms, you can see why someone might say no thanks. but in terms of analyzing the effect on the race, i know you write this morning we shouldn't overstate its impact. why do you say that? >> one, he wasn't getting a lot of early support. i know you sometimes take national polls with a grain of salt, but our nbc "wall street journal" poll showed him getting 1% of support among republican primary voters. and there's a brand-new poll, winthrop poll out of south carolina that shows haley barbour only getting 2% in south carolina. and, of course, south carolina was a state that barbour seemed to play well, given he is a southerner from mississippi that, is a state he should have a lot of traction with, but only getting 2% of support from there, does raise eyebrows. he would have brought a lot to
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the table, but one thing he also brings is pragmatism. and as a former rga chairman, former chairman of the republican national committee, he's a pragmatic person, probably looking at the field and saying, it was going to be a very difficult path for me to get to the presidency. >> especially for a former washington lobbyist, which i believe our poll also found was the least desirable attribute to have on the list. so anyway, martin murray, deputy political director, thank you. we want to head to wall street now, where a slew of major earnings reports are going to drive the market today. cnbc's becky quick joins us with more. becky, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. we have had a flood of earnings coming in today, and most of those numbers have been better than expected. you had major companies like ford coming in with earnings that were 62 cents versus the 50 cents the street was looking for. you also heard from u.p.s. that even though we have seen these higher fuel costs, they managed to come in with better numbers than expected, 88 versus the 85 cents the street wasout nowhere.
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silver back down after a big runnup yesterday. what i will point out yesterday, we got case-shiller numbers for home prices and shows for the eighth month in a row that home prices are down in the 20 markets they survey. in fact, so van a, there was only one market where home prices actually increased. washington, d.c. >> i knew you were going to say that. i knew -- i could just tell. all right. becky quick at cnbc, thank you. coming up next, house speaker john boehner suddenly talking tougher on the debt debate. will republicans take this high-stakes game of chicken down to the wire?
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and do democrats really have room to complain? some of them, including the president, did the exact same thing a few years ago. plus, abortion almost always a hot topic during the presidential primaries. well, why this year the fight over roe vs. wade might be cooling down and could the landmark law in some ways be irrelevant? is we'll get an unconventional look. but first a look ahead at the president's schedule. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. ♪ it's a new day
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everybody wants to go after the oil companies. and frankly, they've got some part of this to blame. >> would you be in favor of seeing some of these subsidies going to big oil at times of record profits -- >> certainly something we ought to be looking at. >> house speaker john boehner said monday he's prepared to consider curbing long-standing tax breaks for oil and gas
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companies. president obama has proposed rolling back the approximately $4 billion in tax incentives that oil companies get every year. this week, oil companies are expected to announce first-quarter profits of $35 billion. that's up 45% from a year ago. michigan congressman sander levin is the top democrat on the ways and means committee and joins me now. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> i wonder how you interpret what you just heard from speaker boehner, seem to go open the door, at least, to curbing some of those oil and gas subsidies. do you think this is a place where there could be bipartisan agreement to end some of these subsidies? >> i would hope so. i think we not only should open the door, we need to go through the door. we need to not only look, but to act. years ago, there was a tax help for manufacturing, and oil and gas squeezed themselves into that, and they should be now squeezed out, because they never should have been part of that benefit. >> how can you -- how do you explain how ending the subsidies
9:16 am
or even curbing the subsidies, will have any practical effect on gas prices? in other words, it seems like a pretty politically popular thing to do. might make people feel better to think, hey, let's get rid of those subsidies, especially if the oil companies are raking in the profits. but as a practical matter, what effect would it have on the gas prices that americans see at the pumps? >> not much. but i think it would send a signal to the oil and gas companies. you know, the president has said that the attorney general should look into speculation. we should do that. i filled up my car, 50 bucks, an intrep intrepid. $50? i think everybody in government should fill up their own gas tank, and realize the pain. and i think the result of it would be the attorney general was asked by the president to look into the speculative aspects. that clearly needs to be done, because how do you explain it? libya only provides a small part of our oil and gas. a signal part of it.
9:17 am
and why it's gone up a buck in the last year or more. people don't understand it. i think we're angry. and i think government has to do everything it can to send a signal and to take action. both. >> and this does have a dramatic political effect, and the recent "washington post" poll demonstrates that the president -- his approval rating really gets hurt. and white house officials think this is all about gas prices. do you think this issue -- if we have a protracted period, a very high gas prices, that that endangers the president's ability to get re-elected? >> i think it hurts. but the main thing everybody should realize here is the impact on the consumer. our constituents. 50 bucks to fill up? and most people rely on the car to get to work. and what it's doing is to cut into other necessities. and we should not have to choose between food and gas, the mortgage and gas. that's what this is all about.
9:18 am
and i hope the attorney general will look into this. i think he is. and do it quickly. >> let's talk about the vote to raise the debt ceiling, never a popular vote. it seems that speaker boehner has taken a tougher line, again, saying that there's a possibility republicans won't vote to raise the debt ceiling. if dramatic spending cuts aren't a part of it. this seems to be in conflict with what white house officials thought they were getting from the speaker privately, a signal that at the end of the day, republicans didn't want to endanger the recovery. how do you see this playing out when congress returns next week? >> i think there have to be two tracks. not one. the tracks -- the debt ceiling has to be raised. otherwise our markets go wild. and we also have to look at the deficit. but the speaker is essentially saying, let there be a collision, and if there's a collision, there could be financial calamity. and we have been through this once, we should not do so again. >> you know, karl rove, former bush adviser, points out in the
9:19 am
"wall street journal" that you yourself actually voted against raising the debt ceiling back in 2006. you weren't alone. then senator barack obama also voted against raising the debt ceiling. is it hard for you and the president to make this argument that a failure to raise the debt ceiling is so catastrophic, terrible for the economy, when you yourselves took the exact same vote back in 2006? how do you explain it? >> the circumstances are very different. now the economy is very, very fr fragile indeed. and for us now to allow the debt ceiling not to be raised and have the markets go wild when we're in this very difficult economic situation. >> wouldn't a default then be just as dire for the economy as it would be now? >> we didn't think there would be. and we never threaten to let -- i have voted to raise the debt ceiling many times. when you get down to the bottom line, to the end, you have to raise the debt ceiling. and you can't condition it
9:20 am
recklessly. otherwise we all suffer. >> all right. congressman sander levin, good to have you here. nice to see you, thank you. and coming up, just three days until the royal wedding, in case you haven't heard. we have live pictures of big ben there. it's counting down. next, we go live to london where security is getting tighter by the minute. how do you protect the royal couple, hundreds of dignitaries, ask tens of thousands of well-wishers? but first, today's "washington speak." >> we will be proposing a premium support system. premium support system. premium support. as promised, today's "washington speak" one man's voucher is another man's premium support. we told you yesterday democrats and the congressman are calling to change medicare, a quote, voucher program. but congressman ryan, as you just heard, calls it a premium support program. the difference? well, republicans say premium support is like a voucher program, but designed to better keep up with rising health care costs. this is definitely "washington
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as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. well, just three days to go to the royal wedding and london is getting all dressed up for the occasion. participants are practicing their roles, while police make security sweeps. but the heavy rain expected friday could royally complicate months of planning. nbc's natalie morales is live at westminster abbey where the couple will soon take their vows. good morning. >> good morning. the scaffolding is up, decorations are throughout london. the city looks absolutely magnificent. although things are changing, as you alluded to. lots to talk about. the weather here. and the big question, if there is rain, will that first glimpse
9:25 am
of kate's wedding dress be covered up by an umbrella? >> after days of sunny skies in london, the weather could soon take a turn for the worse. cloudy skies are in the forecast with showers predicted for the day of the royal wedding. after they're married, william and kate are supposed to take an open carriage from westminster abbey to buckingham palace, but there is a back-up plan, of course. if it rains, the newly married couple will take a glass coach. >> rides lady diana. >> reporter: the same one used by princess diana when she was married. all over london, security sweeps have already begun. on the day of the wedding, 5,000 police officers will take to the streets on foot and on horseback. they'll also patrol along the thames and watch from above in helicopters. with live pictures fed back to central command. >> we'll be making sure that all of the security is in place, providing imagery, basically for the reassurance of those in charge of the event on the ground.
9:26 am
>> reporter: new details are emerging about the ceremony. we have learned prince william and kate middleton will enjoy one private moment with their families during this very public event. after their vowses, they will pass through the chapel behind the altar, out of the public's view. they will sign the marriage register in complete privacy. but billions are expected to watch the royal wedding on television. and the wedding is getting the x factor. the hit british tv show is lending out a top stage manager to oversee the coverage. >> i'm here early. >> reporter: one fan of william and kate just couldn't wait for the big day. john love re of south london is already camping out. >> diana would be very proud of her son, prince william and catherine's marriage. and prince harry, as best man. she'll be with them in spirit in westminster abbey on their special day, and always. >> and there are others now also camping out, staking their claim
9:27 am
to some pretty good spots here. i'm not sure they'll get to keep those spots but we'll see friday if they're still here or not. and officials in london are encouraging people who plan to be here for the royal wedding to dress up for the occasion. they want everybody to feel like a wedding guest, so they're saying make sure you dress up, hats and all. savannah? >> and your raincoat. but natalie, i guess they say -- >> yeah, hopefully not. >> rain is supposed to be good luck on your wedding day. but i think they say that because what else are you going to say? >> yeah, exactly. you have to have the optimist point of view, right? the glass is always half full. >> exactly. all right,nalitily morales covering it in london. thank you. coming up next, the focal point of the divisive abortion battles for decades. but is roe vs. wade really still the law of the land? why both supporters and opponents say the landmark supreme court ruling on abortion may not matter as much anymore. plus, no honeymoon. the story of a florida newly wed
9:28 am
on trial after police caught her on tape allegedly hiring a hitman to kill her new husband. but first, today's trivia question from the almanac of american politics. which 1982 senate candidate running against an octo general aryan incumbent used "a senator for the 80s" knowing that if would remind voters that he was in his 80s? coming up on "the daily rundown." ♪ ♪ the old man is down the road ♪ [ male announcer ] they are our future leaders... explorers... great thinkers. they're the future of america, so let's build them up strong, and give them our cheese. kraft singles american cheese. we're always made with milk. and more kids get their calcium from us than any other american cheese. the future of our country is in their hands. hey look it's the future senator from wisconsin. kraft singles. the american cheese.
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bottom of the hour, a quick look at some of the stories making head lines today. a key al qaeda commander has been killed in afghanistan. abu haf al nadi was killed along with other rebels in an april 13th attack.
9:32 am
afghan forces say they have recaptured 65 of the nearly 500 taliban fighters that escaped from a prison there sunday night. two other prisoners were killed when they tried to resist capture. former president jimmy carter begins a three-day mission to north korea today. carter is expected to discuss food shortages and nuclear disarmament with the country's leaders. those two american hikers still being held in iran on suspicion of espionage have been given another court date. joshua fattal and jay bauer. iranian authorities have failed to rule on the case in absence of sara showered, a third american released on bail last year. and a federal judge has sided with nfl players in their ongoing contract battle. u.s. district judge susan richard nelson ordered nfl owners to lift their lockout of the players. and that decision was an early victory for the players in a negotiation that does put the 2011 nfl season in jeopardy.
9:33 am
well, murder for hire. the trial begins today for a south florida newly wed charged with trying to hire an undercover cop as a hitman to kill her new husband. police recorded the elaborate 2009 sting and the woman's arrest. she is seen on the tapes detailing her husband's schedule, how to disarm their home alarm system, and allegedly agreeing on a price. the couple was married just six months at the time. nbc's mark potter is in west palm beach this morning, where testimony is about to begin. mark, good morning. >> good morning to you, savannah. actually, we're early in the process right now. jury selection is still under way. it's about to resume this morning. it was delayed a little bit, because one of the potential jurors had car problems, and so they had to stop the process. they'll get going shortly. we expect that to finish today. of and then we'll hear the opening statements from the lawyers. and probably we'll hear the beginning of the testimony of the first witness. he's expected to be michael
9:34 am
dipolito, the husband whose wife is accused of trying to have him killed. they were newlyweds, only married six months. according to police, she tried to hire a hit man to murder her husband, offering a total of $4,200 for the job. what she didn't know was the man she thought was the killer actually was an undercover police officer from boynton beach engaged in a sting operation. cameras were rolling, capturing her words. as part of the sting, police told her that her husband had indeed been killed when she rushed back to the apartment, they informed her that had happened. she burst into tears. it was a big dramatic scene, and she was taken off to the police department. not to be consoled, however, but to be shown that the killer actually was a cop, and that her husband was alive, and that she was under arrest. and she is charged with soliciting to commit first degree murder, a very serious charge. if she is convicted, she could be sentenced up to 30 years in prison. this trial is expected to take a total of three weeks.
9:35 am
one week now, off a week, and then a week -- the second week in may is when it's expected to wrap-up. savannah? >> all right. mark potter, thank you. as the 2012 republican primary field starts to take shape, one key debate is how prominent social issues should be in the primary. but as one of the hallmark goals for conservatives overturning roe vs. wade already close to being be achieved, and senator editor dollia ligamentwick argues it's being chipped away bit by bit. she joins us with pete williams at the supreme court this morning. dalia, i'll start with you. you've got quite the line in your piece. opponents and supporters of abortion appear to have taken the position that roe vs. wade is no longer the law of the land. you mean as a practical matter. explain why you write that. >> well, i think that the folks who are opposed to roe vs. wade have introduced 916 measures in
9:36 am
state legislatures over the past year in an attempt to overturn roe, in an attempt to both force the issue, in other words, to say to the courts, we're going to move the goal posts and see if it you agree with us. and also, i think with the thought that maybe there won't be a challenge, and so effectively, roe will be overturned. in other words, they win both ways, whether they're challenged or not, the law becomes the law. and i think opponents of those laws haven't really been vigorously challenging them. i think there's a sense that the cost is too high. the risk is too high of pushing this. and so you almost have both sides in this sense of complacency of we're just going to let these laws slowly, slowly chip away at reo, and nobody is going to actually do anything about it. >> and we'll turn to that in a moment, the legal strategy on both sides, because it's pretty fascinating. but pete, to get more specific about the point dalia raises, there are a slew of new laws being passed in the states that
9:37 am
don't come right out and say abortion is illegal. but get very close to the line, or at least curb it significantly. explain. >> well, this has been sort of the trend since roe was decided, to try to restrict access to abortion. three main trends in the last year or so. one is to require counselsing or a waiting period. south dakota has the most expansive law. you have to wait 72 hours, you have to go to what they call a pregnancy crisis center, where they basically try to talk the woman out of having the abortion. secondly is to try to move the definition of viability. nebraska started this last year. this year, oklahoma, idaho and kansas followed suit. they say you can't have an abortion after 20 weeks, because after that point, the abortion -- the fetus can feel pain. and then the third area, and frankly, where, savannah, i think the majority of the laws have been this year, is to try to follow through on something that's in the new health care law that says the states can make it illegal for insurance exchanges to offer coverage for abortion. a lot of states are doing that.
9:38 am
but no mistake about it, there's much more activity in the legislatures this year than there's been probably ever since roe was decided. >> and dalia, if the states pass these laws, abortion rights advocates are certainly free to challenge them and to try to get this before the supreme court. and yet you argue they've made a tactical decision not to raise the issue. i suppose out of fear that there's a more conservative supreme court would take the opportunity to, in fact, overrule roe versus wade? >> that's exactly right, savannah. i think the only thing that's really critical to understand is this all comes down to one vote at the high court and that's anthony kennedy's vote, right? the famous swing voter right in the middle of a very polarized 4-4 court. and while anthony kennedy in 1992 voted with the majority to preserve the core holding of roe vs. wade, certainly in 2007, in ray very, very controversial decision, regarding
9:39 am
partial-birth abortion or the national ban on so-called partial-birth abortion, kennedy changed his rhetoric and started to show real sympathy for the rights of the fetus and notions of civility, what kind of society are we becoming, a fear that we're becoming coarsened, and a real emphasis in his opinion on the notion that mothers come to regret the choice to have an abortion. we have never seen that in a supreme court opinion. and i think it opens the doors, both for the kinds of legislation pete is describe, the counseling, forcing mothers to watch ultrasounds, forcing the waiting periods to become longer and longer. all under this presumption they're going to change their minds. so everyone has got an eye on kennedy. >> indeed, and quickly, pete, to you. there is also the matter of whether the court really wants to be in the decision of overturning roe vs. wade. dalia raises the point in her article that the court itself may be satisfied just to see this happen in the states, and not take on this divisive issue
9:40 am
again. what's your take on that? >> two points about that. first of all, you can't underestimate the difference it made when sandra day o'connor retired from the court and replaced by samuel alito. that was a huge shift on this issue. secondly, i think most people would agree, the court still is solid on the fundamental holding of roe. that is the states can't make abortion illegal and doesn't want to go there. so the women i talk to who litigate these cases say when the legislative sessions are over, they're going to decide which laws to challenge in the federal courts, where they say they still have a fairly good record, and, of course, the mere fact that they win in the appeals court doesn't necessarily mean that the advocates of these laws will come to the supreme court. and even if they do, more tellingly, that the court would want to take up those cases. but that, as dalia says, that's the gamble. >> dalia lithwick, and pete slade, thanks to you both. appreciate it. >> you bet. let's do our trivia. we asked which 1982 senate candidate running against an
9:41 am
octogenarian incumbent used the slogan, "a senator for the '80s" knowing it would remind voters his opponent was in the 80s. and his answer was mississippi governor haley barbour running against democrat john stennis. up next, the hay starts to clear. the 2012 republican field is coming into focus, haylee is out, ron paul is in, and the donald is headed to new hampshire. but first, the white house soup of the day. another italian theme. tuscan chicken. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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visiting early primary states and even considering a may 2 hadn't launch, haley barbour became the latest serious candidate to decide he doesn't have the quote, fire in the belly for a presidential bid. meanwhile, the trump organization announced the donald will make a series of unannounced stops in the granite state tomorrow. the new hampshire trip will be trump's first visit to a primary state. the details are being kept secret, for, quote, security reasons. he may have his work cut out for him. a new poll finds 50% of americans and 30% of republicans say trump would make a poor orator bell president. 63% of adults say they will definitely not vote for him. former new hampshire senator john sinunu joins us now. let's start there. in the one sense, that's not a great poll for him. but it could be worse. do you think he is a serious player in the republican field? >> it could be worse. it could be 70% of americans? >> well -- >> sure.
9:46 am
look, he has the problem that he's very well-known in the business sense. in the media sense. and it's going to be hard to get people off of that perception of him. and then on top of that, as a candidate, as a policy guy, he has real weaknesses. because he hasn't held office before, hasn't campaigned before, that could be a strength in some people's eyes. but at the same time, once you get vetted by the public, personal media over the last couple of years. and to their benefit.
9:47 am
but other candidates and mitt romney is probably the best example, have had to go through the vetting process, the primary process, the campaign process, and many, not all, but many of these primary states. and that's going to serve them pretty well in the end. >> haley barbour dropping out surprised a lot of people, because he was acting like a would-be candidate. what effect do you think this will have on the race? well, a few things. one, it takes out a pretty strong, credible contender in terms of someone who can build an organization, raise the money, and had a natural group of activists and supporters to draw from. so that probably benefits him like a mitt romney. it also creates an opening, if you will, for someone like chris christie or mitch daniels. and, you know, those are probab probably the two big names out there. people are waiting for them to maybe make a definitive decision. i think mitch daniels said he would decide by june.
9:48 am
chris christie has repeatedly said i'm not running, and i think that's probably the case. but the field will settle out probably in mid june time frame. it's not going to happen next week. it's not going to happen in two weeks, but by mid june, you'll have a sense of the field. and then you'll go through the summer in a state like new hampshire, an early primary state and other states, iowa, as well, where the candidates are just there. and it's almost a simmer. you know, everything sort of bubbling and people -- activists looking trying to make up their mind, and you'll have a clearer picture of where they stand relative to one another come august or early september. >> people tend to think that mitt romney, because he's from a neighboring state, will do well in new hampshire as the front runner in new hampshire. you obviously know the state very well. i mean, do you share that view, or do you think there is somebody else that could really give him a run for the money? >> it is to his benefit that he's particularly well-known in new hampshire. but it's something that will benefit him in all of those states that he's campaigned before, for the presidency. through the primary process.
9:49 am
so iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, florida. you know, he worked very hard in 2008 developing his campaign, raising money and getting a message out there. that benefits him in all of those states. but that doesn't mean that voters aren't going to take a hard look at other people. it's important to remember, new hampshire -- people weren't really focused on whether haley barbour would be in and out. >> when do the people of new hampshire really start focusing? >> well, they listen now. >> yeah. >> i mean, in other words, you know, they're listening to the conversation. but they're not worried about who is in or who is out, because they know things are going to change, been through this process before. and it's really during that summer period, barbecues, cookouts, backyard meetings, town hall meetings, that the intensity slowly builds. and after labor day, i think realistically speaking, after labor day, you have the broad range of republican primary voters focused on the race. one final thing. this year, there's going to be a higher level of interest of the
9:50 am
independent or undeclared voters in new hampshire, because there's no democratic primary. so they're going to focus on the republican primary, as well. >> is there anyone that you could think of that we are just not focusing on, a dark horse republican, because, you dark-h republican? because, you know, it seems the race is actually -- it's shrinking. and you've got romney, pawlenty, maybe mitch daniels, huckabee and palin are not looking like they want to get in it. trump? who knows? is there someone we're not focused on now? >> i don't think so. no, i can't throw out a name that nobody's discussed or nobody's talked about. but you also have candidates like jon huntsman, newt gingrich, rick santorum that are very likely to still be part of the field after labor day as we move toward the primary season. >> all right. former senator john sunutu. always great to have you. what happens when you mix stephen colbert, donald trump and the fresh prince of bel air. follow us any time on twitter. losing weight clicked for me when i had everything
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9:54 am
before we go, let's take a dip in "the shallow end." donald trump got some heat on "the colbert report" last night for what he called his great relationship with the african-american community. >> i have a great relationship with the blacks. i've always had a great relationship with the blacks. >> he must. how else could he get away with calling them "the blacks"? trump -- and trump's special relationship with the them goes back decades. we all remember his historic visit to the traditionally black community of bel air. jim? >> it is my esteemed pleasure to introduce mr. and mrs. donald trump. >> it's the donald! oh, my god!
9:55 am
>> interesting fact. carlton went on to become chairman of the rnc. >> one other note on that in our interview last week, i asked donald trump whether he regretted referring to african-americans as "the blacks," and he said he did not. in other "shallow" news, sarah palin's almost son-in-law just won't go away. levi johnston, the father of sarah palin's grandson, is going to be penning a tell-all memoir called "deer in the headlights." the war of words between johnston and the palins is heating up because johnston's one-time fiancee, bristol palin, is also set to release her memoir this summer. that's it for "the daily rundown." coming up next, chris jansing and at 1:00 p.m. "andrea mitchell reports." have a great day and we'll see you tomorrow.
9:56 am
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each other and just gsaid we l d loved each other. >> it could be the flood of the century. some killed, some swept away to their deaths as fast-moving floods and relentedless tornadoes hammer the heartland. the gop presidential field is taking shape. a major player bows out. another prepares to jump in, and the most famous of them all gets a cold dose of reality in the polls. meet the windsors. with just three days to go until kate and will say "i do," how well does she know her future in-laws? plus, levi johnston's tell-all. lilo opens up to jay, and facebook gets its groupon. good morning, i'm chris jansing, and we are seeing scenes of total devastation in arkansas this morning. emergency crews are getting ready to search for dozens of people still missing after a tornado tore through the town of livonia. four people are confirmed dead. survivors


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